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4 Things to Look For in a Good Kaiser Roll

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Bakeries provide individuals and restaurants alike with the baked goods they need. Fresh bread can be enjoyed toasted with a little butter or used to contain delectable sandwich fillings. Kaiser rolls, in particular, are ideal for sandwiches like hamburgers and tuna melts. Good kaiser rolls can improve the taste of any sandwich. Here are four things you can look for when buying kaiser rolls from your local bakery:

1. Perfect Sizing

Kaiser buns are great for sandwiches because each bun is the perfect single serving. Kaiser buns can be sliced in half to contain any filling you desire. If you plan to use kaiser rolls as hamburger buns, you'll want to ensure that the rolls you buy are the correct size. Rolls that are too big will dwarf your hamburger patty, while undersized rolls won't adequately contain all the delicious sandwich fillings. Look for kaiser buns that are just the right size for your intended use.

2. A Hearty Crumb

Kaiser buns are made from a rich dough that contains eggs, bread flour, and yeast for leavening. The addition of eggs ensures that kaiser buns have a beautiful golden color and a dense crumb. Kaiser buns should have a good texture that offers a hearty bite. When shopping for kaiser buns, find a baker who makes hearty rolls that offer a pleasant chewiness.

3. Flavorful Toppings

Kaiser buns are defined by their toppings as much as their texture. These rolls are often scored in beautiful starburst patterns to allow for even rising. Before baking, kaiser buns are brushed with an egg wash that allows toppings to adhere to their surface. Among the toppings typically used are sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and flaky salt. These toppings give kaiser rolls an extra crunch. They provide a more nuanced flavor that can enhance any sandwiches you decide to make with your rolls.

4. Daily Deliveries

Kaiser buns are best when they're enjoyed soon after baking. Fresh kaiser buns have a texture that's soft yet firm, ideal for holding hearty fillings like ground beef and cheese. When purchasing kaiser rolls, look for bakeries that provide daily deliveries. Having fresh rolls delivered to your home or restaurant daily will ensure that you get to enjoy your bread at its best. You don't have to worry about ordering too many kaiser buns at one time. While fresh buns are best, extra buns can be chopped up and turned into delicious croutons or crostini.